Monday, October 22, 2012

#Beerandbikes: It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Mr. XXC sent me a picture of his customary Friday afternoon beer and posted it all over the social media world on Friday afternoon.

Here is the picture: is an instigator

Getting past the blurry picture, the beer looked good and got me thinking. It seems that mountain biking and beer seem to go hand-in-hand. I guess it's that way with coffee too, but we'll stick with beer for now.

What if we had a little virtual gathering of the mountain bike community this Friday afternoon? What if we used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to do it?

I present to you #Beerandbikes 

Here are the details:

What is #Beerandbikes? A virtual cheers. We all share a picture of our beer and bike on Friday night. It's a virtual table that we are all sharing after our cool autumn ride in the back of our favorite local food spot and watering hole. Instead of 5 of your friends, it'll be the whole www community of mountain bikers. You post a picture of your mountain bike and beer and share in the gang.

When is it? This Friday, October 26th from 4pm eastern until whenever the party ends. The party will start with popping the first top.

How do you participate? There are three ways to get in on the action:
  1. Facebook. Post your picture to the Mountain Bike Radio Facebook page HERE . Don't like Mountain Bike Radio on Facebook yet? You should.
  2. Twitter. Tweet your bike and beer pic using #Beerandbikes and make sure to include @Mtnbikeradio. What? You don't follow Mountain Bike Radio on Twitter yet? Go HERE!
  3. Instagram. Post your picture using #Beerandbikes . You can find Mountain Bike Radio on Instagram too - @MtnBikeRadio


  1. Sounds like a no brainer to join in. Love beer & love bikes!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for joining in. "See" you Friday night. Share with your friends!

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  4. I've read your article "It's 5 o'clock somewhere ". Great sharing!